For one year and half, I was a French content editor for the mobile application Onefootball in Berlin. I wrote about 2000 articles in different formats, sent thousands of pushes notifications, translated content from other teams, took charge of the Women's World Cup for my team, participated on the podcast... and much more.


Here are a few exemples of the articles I wrote, in French : 






Podcast episodes, in English :


I discovered the world of startups and mobile apps in 2016 at upday, that I helped to launch in France. Created by Axel Springer, upday is the official news app on Samsung phones. Everyday, I curated the french and world news to write "cards" for the app and sent notifications. I also imagined new formats on our Medium page, from infographics to live blogging, and took charge of the WhatsApp project to cover the Euro 2016. In addition, I took care of social media, and analysed our users data. 


In 2018, I created a website for multimedia web documentaires in multiple episodes. The idea is to take some time to explain a current social or cultural issue, with text, video and sound.


The first one I did was about the new forms of feminism, specially after the MeToo movement. It was followed by a round table talk about gender issues and modern feminism that I organized. A project that I had to stop in order to dedicate myself to a new job, but that I am reopening today. 


Following my master degree, I worked for a TV production company. Among other tasks, I participated in every step of a long form documentary for a major french TV channel : I filmed, reported, investigated, wrote the script, helped with the editing, etc. 




Before I went to New York, I completed an internship at Roads Mag, where I wrote news and culture articles daily, as well as reported on multiple events. Click HERE to read my articles (in French). 


In 2013, I completed a two months internship for a well known local newspaper in France, where I wrote articles everyday and reported on the general news. 

You can find a few exemples also published on the website here (in French):